12 May 2014

Lesson 3 Describe how you use computers

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Pre-listening: Vocabulary – Internet activities

Group activity: List out how people use computers. Brainstorm internet activities.

Listen and practice vocabulary on page 104.

Listen for main ideas: Listen to four people describing how they use the internet. Complete Ex. A. Explain your answers.

Listen for details: In pairs, make a list of computer activities you do. Share your answers with the class.

Listen and complete exercise B.

Post-listening: Complete the survey about your own computer use.

Ask your classmates about their computer use. Take notes.

Tell your class what you found out about your classmates and how they use computers by using the comment box.

Complete exercises in the files on PLATO.

10 May 2014

LESSON 2 Recommend a better deal

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grammarGRAMMAR Comparisons with as . . . as

To express similarity
Use as . . . as to indicate how two things are equal or the same.

Use the adverb just for emphasis.

Use the adverbs almost or nearly to indicate that two things are very similar but not exactly the same.

To express difference
Use not as . . . as to indicate how two things are different.

Use the adverb quite when the difference is very small.

Use the adverb nearly to indicate that there’s a big difference.

Grammar practice:

1. Complete exercises A & B in your book. 2. Download  worksheets from PLATO and complete the exercises.

Conversation Model:

Listen to someone recommend a better deal.

Then practice the Conversation Model with a partner.

NOW Recommend a better deal

A Pair work: Change the Conversation Model, using the magazine ratings to compare and recommend products. Use as . . . as. Then change roles.

B Change partners: Now practice the conversation again, using other products and features.

4 May 2014

Unit 9 Living with computers

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download (1) Preview: Vocabulary dealing with computers and the internet.

Group Activity: Brainstorm words connected to “Computer accessories”.

Pair Activity: Examine the technical support website on page 98 and answer the following questions.

1. What is troubleshooter ?

2. What does the website on page 98 offer?

3. What kinds of computer problems can troubleshooter.com help you with?  Share your answers for question 3 with the class by using the comment box.

Read and listen to the vocabulary. Ask questions about vocabulary; for example; What do you use for typing words? (A keyboard).

Create flash cards using an App of your choice with synonyms and antonyms relating to computers and the Internet.

1 May 2014

Lesson 4 Discuss your favorite artists

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SanGo36s favorite artists Pre-listening: Vocabulary – Passive participial ohrases

Listen, read and repeat. Note that second sentence in each pair expands on the meaning of the expression.

Pair Activity: Create additional sentences to explain the meaning.

Tell your partner what inspires, influences, interests, fascinates, and moves you. Use passive participial phrases.

Listening Comprehension: Listen & complete exercise A, B & C.

Discuss your favorite artists.

Extras: Work book Exs 15 to 17.

Complete worksheets on PLATO.

26 Apr 2014

Lesson 3 Talk about artistic talent

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stick figure drawing

Activity 1: Group work: Find a definition of the following:

  • What is ART?  What is artistic talent?  Share your definitions with the class.
  • Look at the picture on page 92. Answer questions on worksheet. Discuss the title.

Activity 2: Listen to the audio of the reading. Discuss the main idea.

Complete the following tasks;

  • Recognize the main idea.
  • Identify supporting details
  • Paraphrase the paragraphs.
  • Complete the survey

Activity 3: Discussion

  • Underline the language in the reading to use in the discussion.
  • Discuss the questions in your groups.


Workbook: exercises 11 to 14

Worksheets: Download from PLATO and complete the tasks.

21 Apr 2014

Grammar – The Passive Voice Questions

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Notice a variety of wh-questions in passive on page 90. These are information questions.

Focus on the form and use of passive question forms.

FIGURE IT OUT . . .Complete the grammar rules by filling in the blanks and circling the correct words. (Worksheet).

Complete Grammar Exercises A & B on page 91.

Self Study: Grammar Booster on page 135

20 Apr 2014

Lesson 2 Ask about & describe objects

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images objectsActivity 1: Look at pictures or real art related objects on page 90.  Guess what material the objects are made of.

Read, listen & repeat vocabulary.

Apply new vocabulary to your own life.

Create a list with examples of of art related artifacts that you own/at home with pictures and write what they are made of.

Activity 2: Listen to a model conversation to ask about objects on Pp: 90 (first conversation).

Notice language used to ask about objects and positive adjectives used to describe objects.

Create your own conversations and role-play.

Activity 3: Complete Wbk exercises 8, 9 & 10 on page 67.

For more practice, download documents from PLATO.

19 Apr 2014

Lesson 1 Recommend a museum

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imagesCAZGWFWAPair activity: Discuss what you think is happening in the painting on page 89. Share your interpretations with the class.

Activity 1: Read, listen and answer questions.

Activity 2: Now create a conversation to recommend a museum using the information in the pictures using passive voice. (use examples from Pp:89).

Present your role plays to the class.

Activity 3: Groups A, B & C will do a  a web-search activity to locate famous museums in your country/worldwide.

Groups D & E will create a museum tour guide using Garage Band on your iPads.

Activity 4: Complete workbook exercise 7 0n page 66.

Activity 5: Complete Passive voice exercises A & B on page 88.

15 Apr 2014

Unit 8 The Arts

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Lead in: Brainstorm words connected to “Art”. Use an App to organize your ideas.

Complete a survey about your favorite pieces of art.

Read & examine the poster on page 86. Answer comprehension questions:

Group Activity: Create an i-movie. Read the instructions uploaded on PLATO.

Photo Story:  Download the document. read the instructions and carry out the tasks.
11 Mar 2014

Quiz Show

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download (2)Dear Students,

As we are approaching EoT2 exams, today we will have a quiz show with some games and puzzles based on Unit 4, 6 and 7.

You will be divided into two teams, Team A and Team B with a captain for each team. One student will be selected to be the referee.

Each team will have to answer questions from 4 categories. You have only 3 minutes to answer.

Before we start the game, you will watch short video clips on each unit. This will help you review vocabulary, grammar, language function and main ideas of the themes.

So get ready to take the challenge and have FUN!!!